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Are we digital now? Focusing on digital applications and recruiting

How digital is recruitment in Germany in 2020? How do applicants see the increasing digitisation of the application process?


StepStone Corona Report

5 surveys, over 35,000 participants. The StepStone experts analyse what influence the Corona crisis has had on the decisive HR trends of the last few…


The attractiveness of German employers

This study analyses key factors in the attractiveness of employers in Germany in a comparison across sectors. The analysis is used to draw specific recommendations…

Agile Unternehmen Cover – Zukunftstrend oder Mythos der digitalen Arbeitswelt? Kienbaum & StepStone Studie 2020

Agile companies

For the study, Kienbaum and StepStone have jointly examined the work trend. The result: agile working methods are desired, but not yet reality.

StepStone Mittelstands-Report

2019 StepStone SME Report

What makes SME employers attractive to candidates? This study reveals the key pull factors and shows how they can be effectively communicated as part of…

Erfolgsgeheimnis Team Cover

Secret of success team

What are the key factors influencing a team’s success? How can you put together a winning team? You will find answers to these and other…

Gehaltsreport 2019 Cover

Salary report 2019

The new salary comparison by profession, experience, education and region.

Onboarding im Fokus Cover

Onboarding in focus

How the onboarding of new employees succeeds: Insights, expectations and recommendations for action in our study – compact and up-to-date.

Musterstellenanzeigen Cover

Sample job advertisements package

Exemplary job descriptions including valuable tips for your job ad design.

Bestens eingestellt Cover

Job advertisement guide

Useful tips for optimal job ad design and placement.

Die Kunst des Arbeitens Cover

The art of working

In this study, the management consultancy Kienbaum and the online job platform StepStone examine the degree of change of work in the course of the…

Jobsuche im Fokus Cover

Job search in spotlight

The study provides an insight into the preferences and expectations of candidates in the job search and application process.

Arbeitsreport Cover

StepStone labour report

How important is work in the lives of specialists and managers in Germany? How do skilled workers deal with the changes in the world of…

Die Kunst des Führens Cover

The art of leadership

What is leadership like in the Digital Revolution? Together with the Kienbaum Institute @ ISM we find answers.

StepStone Mobilitätsreport Cover

StepStone mobility report

The questions of where one lives and where one works have a decisive influence on the quality of life and work and are strongly interlinked.

Erfolgsfaktoren im Recruiting Cover

Success factors in recruiting

Insights into the status quo and the success factors of recruiting.

Kandidaten im Fokus Cover

Candidates in spotlight

StepStone outlines the situation on the labour market for skilled workers of different occupational groups, gives insight into the preferences and expectations in the job…

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