Information about your rights

On this page we inform you according to art. 246 EGBGB once again separately about your rights. The last passage (“Our Rights”) describes which rights StepStone reserves to itself.

  1. Essential features of the personalized user area?
    The Personalized User Area is a free job search service for you. For details on the data protection aspects of the Personalised User Area, please refer to our Data Protection Statement.
  2. How is the contract for the use of the personalised user area concluded?
    A contract between you and us is concluded as follows: You enter your access data on our CV creation page or our general registration page. Then you accept the consent form on the registration page. You check again whether everything is correct and then click on “save”. We have now concluded a contract on the use of the personalised user area, which can be revoked by either party at any time. You are registered as a user and can register in the CV database or use other StepStone offers.
  3. Is the text of the contract stored by StepStone after conclusion of the contract and accessible to me?
    Your contract with StepStone consists of the following elements:
    • Declaration of consent on the “CV creation” or “Registration” page
    • Terms of use
    • StepStone Privacy Policy

    You can view, save, or print everything at any time by pressing Ctrl-s or Ctrl-p.
  4. What does the personalized user area cost?
    The services of the personalised user area are free of charge for job seekers.
  5. Your right of withdrawal
    You can deactivate or delete your CV at any time (it will no longer be visible to companies, but you can still use it, e.g. to send it by online application) or partially deactivate it (make it anonymous so that employers can no longer view your personal data). You can also ask for help – give us a call or write to us!
  6. How can I detect input errors before sending the registration?
    If you forget to fill in a field during registration, we will not be able to perform the service for you. Therefore, we will automatically inform you if you have not completed all the fields. If you enter two different passwords instead of simply repeating the password or entering a password that is too short, we will inform you. The same applies to your email, or if your email is entered without @ or has no logical structure. If you enter an incorrect e-mail address, you can only recognize this by the fact that you do not receive an electronic access confirmation from us. Further we point out to you if the user name selected by you is too short or was already selected by another user of the system.
  7. What languages does StepStone provide?
    StepStone is international. You can find out more about the entire Group on our page. On the page we offer German and English language.
  8. Our rights
    StepStone does not guarantee that the offer will be available at certain times. Disturbances, interruptions or a possible failure of the online service are not excluded by StepStone.

    StepStone’s servers are regularly and carefully backed up. If data is transmitted to StepStone in any form, it is recommended that you make backup copies. StepStone accepts no liability for any loss of data.

    StepStone reserves the right to change, expand, limit or discontinue this service at any time or to delete data at any time without notice. You do not have any right to publication.
  9. Düsseldorf, 31 January 2005

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