Follow Ad

Employer branding banners for your predefined target group

  • Exceptional reach within the chosen target group
  • > 10,000An advertising network spanning more than 10,000 German websites
  • A variety of banner formats for display on desktop, tablet and mobile devices
  • Targeting of candidates in your region

With Follow Ad, your banners will be shown on specific websites popular with your predefined target group.

Harness the expertise of StepStone to pinpoint specific candidate groups with your employer branding campaign.

Laptop shows on a sample website the places where a banner can be displayed

How does the Follow Ad work?

#1 What: programmer java, Where: Hamburg

Candidates look for their dream job at

#2 Kandidaten hervorheben

StepStone analyses user behaviour and develops occupational group-specific profiles

#3 Werbebannerplatzierung auf 3 Screens

Your advertising banners are displayed in a targeted manner on more than 10,000 websites

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