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General questions

Who can help me with any questions or problems that may arise?

If you have any questions about your contract or the publication of your job ad, please contact your personal account executive at StepStone.

You are not yet a StepStone client? Please use our contact form or call our customer hotline: +49 211 93493-5801

How will potential applicants find my job ads?

Your job ads will be sorted according to job category, sector, contract type, working hours, level of experience and keywords. As a result, candidates searching in the relevant categories will find your job ads in their results list. To make sure that candidates searching by keyword also find you job ad, it is important that you include all important keywords in your description of the vacant position in the ad copy.

The job agent additionally informs registered candidates whose search profiles match your job ad about the publication of your ad. Find out more

Where can I log in as a client?

If you would like to publish your job ads yourself, you need a personal login so that you can access the StepStone recruiter space. You will receive your personal login details within 48 hours of registration.

Please use our contact form or call our hotline: +49 211 93493-5801. If you are already a registered client, you can log in here.

Why can't I log myself in?

Please follow the instructions carefully during the login process. The login details consist of your username (login) and your password.

Should you still be unable to log in, please use our contact form or call our hotline: +49 211 93493-5801

Which methods of payment are available?

You can choose between paying against invoice or by direct debit. In some cases, we reserve the right to demand payment in advance. If you book your job listing online, we will also accept payment by credit card.

Do I have to cancel my contract?

No, the contract period and the duration for which your ad will be published online are defined in advance under the terms of the contract. Your job ad will be available online only for as long as contractually agreed, unless you expressly request an extension. Once the contract period comes to an end, your job ad will no longer be posted online and your contract will expire.

In what form will I receive applications?

You can use your job ad to inform potential candidates about how you would prefer to receive applications, for example, submission by email or via a link to your application management tool. In addition to these, you also have the option of using the online application form provided by StepStone. Thanks to a user-friendly button in your job ad, candidates can submit their applications directly to you. In that case, you will receive an instant email notification about incoming applications and you can check these applications in the StepStone Recruiter Space.

Questions about job ads

Which other partner portals will publish my job ad?

Take a look at our list of partners here.

The publication of your job ad on the online portals of up to 500 partners is an additional StepStone service free of charge. The automatic placement of your ad on partner portals according to different criteria, such as job category and region, additionally increases the reach of your ad. There is no guarantee, however, that your ad will appear on selected partner websites.

Are there ways I can give my ad particular prominence?

To raise awareness of your employer brand, we recommend booking a prominently placed banner in the StepStone Job Agent for candidates.  This kind of text and logo advertising takes candidates straight to your job ads on StepStone. For more information about our employer branding products, click here.

How will my job ad be presented?

At StepStone, you have a choice of two different layouts for your job ads.

Text listing: A simple text ad featuring your company logo provides you with a clear presentation of your content.

Individual: With an individual branding you can use the visual language of your corporate design in your ad.

How do the various StepStone job ads differ?

Based on our knowledge and experience, we have put together for you a combination of listings and extra services with which you can make the best use of StepStone for your recruitment needs:

The starter ad is the entry-level solution for your personnel search with StepStone. All you have to do is place a simple copy ad complete with your company logo. Basic services, such as a company profile and the StepStone quality check, are included in the package.

With our professional ad, you stand out through individual branding. The Professional listing also comes with effective performance add-ons that improve candidate response.

In addition to what the professional ad has to offer, the premium ad includes other products designed to increase your ad’s visibility. If required, we also offer you individual advice on how to optimize your ad as an exclusive service.

Click here for full details of all StepStone listings.

Is it possible to integrate a video into my job listing?

Integration of your corporate video is possible with an Individual ad. For details of technical specifications and possible video formats, please see our price list.

Questions about placing a job ad

How do I publish a job/intern ad?

The following options are available to you for the publication of your job and intern ads.

StepStone recruiter space
Our recommendation for companies wishing to publish their job ads immediately and outside business hours.

You compile and publish your ads yourself using the StepStone recruiter space input form. Your job ads go online immediately and alterations to existing ads are displayed in real time.

As a StepStone customer, you can log into the StepStone recruiter space at any time using your personal login details. If you are a new client, we will be happy to provide you with a login. To register, please use our contact form or call our customer hotline: +49 211 93493-5801.

StepStone Online ordering
Our recommendation for companies wishing to place their job ads flexibly without creating a user account.

You compile your ads using the online order process on Job ads are then published within 24 hours on weekdays, intern ads within 48 hours.

StepStone Full Service
Our recommendation for companies wishing to benefit from the complete range of StepStone services.

StepStone takes care of the graphic design of your ad, integrates the ad copy in the layout and posts the ad online for you. Your listing is then published within 48 hours on weekdays.

StepStone JobFeed
Our recommendation for companies wishing to publish a larger number of job ads on a regular basis, exploit synergies and streamline processes.

Your existing job ads will be automatically imported from your database to the StepStone job database and published on StepStone.

Can I place more than one job ad at the same time?

You can publish any number of job ads at the same time. Please note: only one job profile can be published per ad, as each profile requires its own individual classification within the StepStone search engine. Only then can we ensure that your job ad will be found by suitable candidates.

How long does it take for my job ads to appear online?

Job ads you publish through the StepStone Full Service go online within 48 hours on weekdays. If you opt for online ordering, your job ad will be online within 24 hours on weekdays. Ad placements made via the StepStone recruiter space or the StepStone JobFeed go live in real time or within just a few hours. For more information, please see “How do I publish a job ad?”

How long will my job ad remain online?

Job ads are usually online for 30 days. Our service agents will be happy to advise you on longer publication periods. You can, of course, take a successful ad offline before the agreed period has expired.

Can I advertise more than one vacant position in a job ad?

No, only one job profile can be published per ad. If multiple jobs are advertised, clear classification of each one is not possible, resulting in poorer findability than with individually advertised job profiles.

In what format and size can I submit my job ad?

Individual Branding
If you place your job ads via the StepStone JobFeed, we recommend not exceeding an ad width of 740 pixels. This ensures that your listings can be viewed optimally on a variety of devices.

If you place your job advertisements via the StepStone full service, we design your advertisement with the branding features provided by you, such as header image, background image or the company color. All we need from you, in any case, is an unsecured PDF or Word file of your ad copy. The file should be a maximum of 1 MB in size.

Text ad
Please supply your ad copy in an unsecured PDF or Word file. We also require your company logo in one of the common graphics formats (e.g. JPEG, GIF).

Where can I see how many times my job listing has been clicked?

We will be happy to provide you with visitor statistics for your ads. You can access the daily updated statistics at any time in the StepStone recruiter space. If you use the StepStone Full Service, we will be happy to provide you with login details for the recruiter space so that you can access the statistics. Please contact your personal StepStone account executive for this purpose.

Can I place job listings on StepStone to recruit personnel abroad?

Yes, you can also post job ads on career websites abroad. StepStone collaborates with the leading local career website in more than 138 countries. A team of designated StepStone contact representatives in Germany manages your job listing abroad. Are you already a StepStone client? In that case, please contact your StepStone account executive. If you are a new client, please use our contact form or call our customer hotline: +49 211 93493-5801


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